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1st Airborne

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17th Airborne

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11th Airborne Insignia

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11th Airborne Insignia


101st Airborne


82nd Airborne

Welcome to the Airborne Wiki

This wiki is about the past and current airborne services in past or current wars (description still Pending).

Feel free to edit and make pages.

This wiki's topic

The topic is about the army airborne, past and present divisions.


A little game will be played on this wiki, the more points you get the better rank you get.

Private 10 Points
Private First Class 20 Points
Corporal 40 Points
Sergeant 100 Points
Sergeant Major 130 Points
1st Lieutenant 170 Points
Captain 250 Points
Major 400 Points
Lieutenant Colonel 600 Points
Colonel 800 Points
Major General 900 Points
Lieutenant General 1000 Points
General 1500 Points


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